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of Yellowfin Tuna Captain Mike called in this afternoon at 4:09 PM with an audio update from the Sea Adventure 80 of. If you have yet to experience this type of fishing, now is (More.) (Monday, August 27, 2018) H M Landing Fish Reports Date Report Author Audio Annual Charter! By robert gray Captain Robert Grey from Ranger 85 Sportfishing out of H M Landing checked. . Yet another for David Eastman.

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Captain Robert checked in today with this whopper! . Top Gun 80 5 Day 23 250 Yellowtail, 60 Bluefin Tuna, h M Landing Dock Totals 8 Boats 9 Trips 216 Anglers 597 Yellowfin Tuna, 290 Yellowtail, 273 Skipjack Tuna, 60 Bluefin Tuna, 42 Bonito, 36 Dorado, 34 Calico Bass, 10 Rockfish, 4 Sheephead. Great choice to target trophies Dion! Grande, full Day 37 23 Skipjack Tuna, 22 Yellowfin Tuna, 21 Bonito. 245,230, 225, 219, 90, 70, 35, 35 Plus 150 YFT, 1 million Skipjack, 6 Dorado Great fishing with a great crew! . Captain Robert Gray, Paul. Ulises Ricardo Perez (More.) (Wednesday, August 29, 2018) H M Landing Fish Reports Date Report Author Audio A Few Trips with Availability Remaining Its that time of year! Annual Landing Totals, barred Sand Bass, bluefin Tuna. By robert the genealogist discount gray Phenix sponsored.5 day is starting out with a bang!